What do I need to know about Paint & Decor??

Did you know...


Morris DIY is stocked with a large number of different types of paint and accessories all at a great price.

You will find these in our paint department.


Some FAQs we tend to get are:

Q: Do Morris DIY mix paint?

A: Yes, we do this in store in the paint department.

Q: How much paint do I need to paint a room?

A: 1litre of paint will cover approximately 14m squared per coat. Usually apply 2 coats.

Q: Can I paint outside walls with interior paint?

A: No. Interior paint would not stand up to the outside weather conditions.  

Q: Can Fencelife be used on decking?

A: No. Fencelife is strictly for fence panels & fences only.

Q: Can water based gloss paint be used over solvent based gloss paint?

A: No. Water based gloss will not grip to oil paint and will peel.

Q: Why is it better to use bathroom paint in a bathroom or ensuite?

A: Bathroom paint contains a biocide which is very effective against mould growth which can attack and cause degradation in ordinary non bathroom paint. This is caused by moisture and steam.

Q: I have green mould on the outside of my house. Can I just paint straight over it?

A: No. All mould growth be it green, red or black has to be treated with fungicidal wash before painting.

Any questions you may have you can ask any member of the Paint department and we

will be happy to help and assist you or email sales@morrisdiy.com